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        T380B Standard Jet Printer

        The T 380B Standard Jet Printer is featured with its new dual-pump drive system, outstanding ink systemand printer head self-clean function, reliable circuit design and operation oriented applications.

        High-speed Printing

        T 380B Standard Jet Printer can cope with any assemble lines for its Up to 4m/s printing speed.

        Delivery Service

        TRANSIC TECHONOLOGY Ltdnow can provide our customers with 24 HourDomestic Deliver within the national wide. For most of the area, the same day delivery can be promised by our sound arranged sale and distribution network. And we can also promise our customers the 1-12 hours delivery or 1-24 hours delivery in the limited transportation situation of those remote area.

        Extensive Application

        T 380B Standard Jet Printer can be widely applied in beverage, food, pharmaceutical, construction, chemical, plastic, electronic, communication, tobacco, auto-parts industries.  Customer designed contents can be printed on all shapes of any kinds of merchandise surfaces such as plastic, glass, paper, wood, rubber and metal goods.

        Advanced Design Concept

        T 380B Standard Jet Printer adopts the most advanced dual-drive power system. And the individual ink system clean function protects the print head and gutter from any blocksin operating.

        Effectiveand Efficient

        1.       1-3 lines printing: T 380B Standard Jet Printer is capable for high produced assemble lines to provide excellent 1-3 lines of printing work.

        2.       T 380B Standard Jet Printer which has two counters make the manufacture date, expired date, batch numbers be saved and changed easily.

        3.       High performance chip is used to guarantee the 4m/s (or 13 messages/s)printing speed.

        4.       Font height can be set between 1.0mm and 18mm.

        5.       T 380B Standard Jet Printer can providerich logo and message print and editoptions, such as umbers, English letters, Chinese words (pinyin input fonts level two) and customer designed logos. USB and RS232 ports are also available for transfer data.

        6.       Mutual auto adjustment function of T 380B Standard Jet Printer make the high performance and effective printing work in any industries.

        Reliable Printing Performance

        1.       T 380B Standard Jet Printerequipped with imported drive system, storage system and operation system. All the quality core components contribute the safe, reliable and effective printing performance.

        2.       Up to nine ink system filters protect ink and solvent in the printer during operation.

        3.       Four auto self-clean functions including on/off auto clean function prevent block in a reliable way. 

        4.       New sealedink circle system keep ink from outside pollution effectively.

        5.       Operation oriented circuit design enable T 380B Standard Jet Printer work under certain electric interference

        6.       Leading drop location technology and phrase track and auto adjustment function add guarantee to the high quality printing work of T 380B Standard Jet Printer.

        7.       Direct high-voltage system is adopted to avoid instability under alternating current and ensure the printing performance in damp operation condition. 

        Eco-friendly and Consumption Save

        1.       Refill ink and solvent Tank reduce the consumption due to expired date.

        2.       Air free designreduces the volatility of both ink and solvent.

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